In June 2004 we bought an old Cape Cod in Syosset. The location was excellent but the house was small, and it required reworks in the first floor plus considerable extension in the second floor in order to accommodate us and our three children. We were also under time constraints since we had to leave our old house in Nesconset no later than March 2005. When we contacted AALL Season Remodeling in April 2004 we were already positively impressed from the first interactions, and we reached a detailed agreement concerning work, schedule and costs. AALL Season Remodeling started working at the house around mid August 2004, with about two weeks of delay. From that time on, the work proceeded on time and extremely well, and in February 2005 we were in our newly remodeled and completed house, which came exactly as we desired. We are still very much impressed for the high professionalism, the high quality and the high efficiency of AALL Season Remodeling in performing the work and coordinating any kind of manpower. Sometimes people were working at our house day and night. We never had problems with them and if there was a concern or choice, even minor, it was always solved the right way. This fact made our life much easier than we expected, and we are very grateful to AALL Season. We highly recommend them. – Gianluigi & Marcella, Syosset, NY

We used Bob to renovate our master bathroom and he was an amazing contractor! He helped me every step of the way. Before the job even began, he came over several times to discuss what we wanted to do, offered his opinion on everything I picked out including tiles, molding, and the vanity, and even came shopping with me to pick out marble for my countertop and shower bench (because I couldn’t make up my mind). Bob showed up every day at 8:00 AM just like he said he would, and we spent an hour every morning making decisions together, like where the electrical outlets should go, or where the hi-hats needed to be. It was truly a pleasure working with Bob. When the bathroom was complete, I would go in there and sit for hours just staring at my new bathroom because I LOVED it so much!. I know you’ll love the work Bob does as much I did. – Lori & Steven, Plainview, NY